Messina: between past and present

This project begun for fun, inspired, on the one hand, by the love for my home town and, on the other, by Knez Julien’s project on Paris during WWII. He must be credited for the originality of the work, whose main difference with mine is that the main subject of the juxtapositions is the local architecture.


This choice made my life harder, as I could not just give a rough idea of what a part of town looked like in the past; rather, I had to make all junctions and perspectives coincide with precision. Juxtaposing a few lines may be relatively simple. But many time it was about making every piece of many elements (balconies, decorations etc) coincide and that requires a good deal of patience combined with some knowledge of architecture photography and postproduction.


Here below is the full gallery of the project. Just click on the pictures in the gallery to expand them.