How to get to the Aeolian Islands from Milazzo

There are two options to sail across from Milazzo to one of the Aeolian Islands: a ferry (Siremar) or a hydrofoil (Liberty Lines). To bring a car, a bike or any bulky equipment/luggage, the ferry is the to-go option.

If you need to drop the car before boarding the hydrofoil, there are many paid parkings pinned on Google Maps, for instance the Parking Mylae.

Once you get to the harbour, just follow the signs to board the ferry with your vehicle. The Siremar ticket office is in Via dei Mille 23, 98057.

For those who are boarding the hydrofoil, the ticket office is by the ​hydrofoil pier​. Tickets for both the ferry and the hydrofoil are available on ​​.

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